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The i2 AdBlocker extension is available to install on all desktop versions of the Chrome browser (ver. 46 or later ) - for Windows, osX, and Linux-based systems. Finally, all the main functions of the i2 Browser are available in the most popular browser. You can get profit for every banner you see or use Ad Block function to increase the page loading speed and improve the safety of web surfing. Now you can start using i2 just in 3 clicks and less than a minute: 1) Go to this page 2) Click “Add to Chrome” 3) Confirm the installation With i2 AdBlocker extension, you will earn real money with no need to change your usual environment - bookmarks, passwords with a browser trusted by millions of people. I2 - You browse, we pay

i2 Browser ver. 1.8.0 Changelog

New version is out!

Version 1.8.0 of i2 Browser is released. What’s new and what has changed:

  • Redesigned installer (includes Software License Agreement and installation of Adobe Flashplayer)
  • The code base is updated to Chromium 54
  • Added x64 version of the browser for Windows
  • Added system information about installed i2 Browser (size, publisher, version)
  • Enhanced user safety by using Safebrowser
  • Updated information about all the files included in the delivery of the browser (corrected version information)
  • Updated user interface of the browser
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin login window
  • Fixed a bug when an error message appears in the login dialog box in a new tab
  • Fixed a bug with the functioning of the «Back» button on some sites
  • Fixed a bug occuring when you close a window in incognito mode

We are constantly improving, so please let us know if you have any suggestions. Contact us

Got Questions?

Here at i2 Browser headquarters, we are doing everything to make web earnings easy for each user. Therefore, we launched i2 support page, where anyone can get answers to his questions.The most frequent questions analyzed in the relevant section http://i2support.ga/faq/, and if you can not find the right information here, then ask your own question and the staff i2 support or experienced users will give you the answer!

I2 browser, with care about our users.

How to get a profit from viewing Web-sites

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Our birthday and the results of the first year

i2 team has an important target - we want to give the people what they deserved - FREE INTERNET all over the world. Hard working on the realization of our dream, we have even forgotten about our birthday. A year ago, the first version of i2 Browser was launched, so what this year has changed?

  • We have changed the algorithms of work with advertising systems and improved filtering of suspicious banners. Now seen ads generate more revenue per user’s viewing.
  • Increased stability and safety of the Internet surfing.
  • We have changed the design of the site, making it more simple and understandable.
  • We are working on providing support to users running sections with Frequently Asked Questions and Forum.
  • We are expanding our scope - members of Russia join to the US audience! All information is available in english and russian languages.

Thank you for being with us! i2 increases, to make the world better!